If you are like most small businesses in America, you use more than 10 different applications to run your company. Chances are good that very few of these applications "talk" to each other which means you and your staff waste countless hours each week taking information for one app and entering it into another. What if your key applications could talk to each other and you could use those hours selling more work or (gasp) go home at 5 o'clock and see your kids? Would that have an immediate affect on your bottom line? SaaSphalt is designed to seamlessly integrate with the applications your are already using to free your staff from the shackles of transferring data and allow them to do the jobs they were hired to do. It's time to stop being busy, and start being productive!

QuickBooks or QuickBooks Online

Painless setup

Single-click QuickBooks integration. Simply install the Integration Engine (for desktop versions of QuickBooks only), enter your account information, click connect and the entire sync with QuickBooks is done for you.

Real-time syncing

As you add customers, modify invoices, or delete time tracking entries, SaaSphalt instantly updates QuickBooks. Your web browser doesn't even need to be on the same computer as QuickBooks. In fact, you could have SaaSphalt running on a laptop in California, a desktop in Sydney, Australia, and on an iPhone in London, England - yet they would all instantly update a single computer hosting QuickBooks in your office!

Sync lists, like customers

All your customers, vendors, employees, items, and other QuickBooks lists are accessible in SaaSphalt. You are able to view, add and edit virtually all lists, using standard or custom SaaSphalt screens.

Sync transactions, like invoices

View, add and edit virtually every QuickBooks transaction, including estimates and invoices. Every screen can be customized, or built from scratch for your custom process.

What's supported?
  • QuickBooks Online starting Spring 2015.
  • QuickBooks Desktop USA supports Pro, Premier, Enterprise 2004 and higher.
  • QuickBooks Desktop UK, Canada Pro, Premier, Enterprise 2008 and higher.
  • QuickBooks Desktop Australia Pro, Premier 2008/2009 and higher.
  • Transactions: include estimates, invoices, credit memos, payments, statement charges, sales orders, sales receipts, time tracking, bills, bill payments, vendor credits, purchase orders, checks, item receipts, inventory adjustments, vehicle mileage, journal entries and assemblies.

Google Apps

Gmail Gadget

SaaSphalt works where you work: right inside Gmail. When you click on an an email, the gadget displays the contact's phone number, address, balance, QuickBooks transactions and Proposals. Plus, it gives you the ability to add new contacts, activities, follow-ups, proposals and documents without leaving your inbox.

Google Calendar Sync

Appointments and meetings will sync back and forth between your SaaSphalt calendar and your Google Calendar.


Assign incoming and outgoing emails to QuickBooks customers, leads and vendors - so that they are accessible to your staff in SaaSphalt. Create a sales opportunity or customer service case from an email. Access a SaaSphalt Address Book to send emails to your QuickBooks contacts. Sync Outlook calendar appointments with SaaSphalt appointments.

Web Forms

Capture new leads on your website with a custom web form. Submissions automatically create a new lead and an estimate "to be done." Sales reps are notified of the new lead via email for quick response times.


Easily export your QuickBooks and SaaSphalt contacts and send them beautiful email campaigns from your MailChimp account.

Credit Card Processing

Customers can pay invoices online through the customer portal and your sales staff can process payments without needing access to QuickBooks. As soon as the payment is approved, it syncs to QuickBooks in real-time. SaaSphalt integrates with Intuit Merchant Services, PSIGate and Authorize.NET.

Import / Export / Update

SaaSphalt comes with a built in tool to import, export and update any data table in the program. Your data belongs to you and you can access it at any time in a format you are familiar with.


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