If you've spent years building your business by differentiating yourself from the competition, then you've probably spent as much time trying to fit your unique business processes within someone else's software work flow. If you're a square peg, you don't belong in a round hole! That's why SaaSphalt is built on a completely customizable platform.

Company Branding

Personalize SaaSphalt by adding your logo and color schemes. Look professional by customizing invoice, work order and other transaction templates with your logo and company colors.

Create Reports, Charts and Graphs

SaaSphalt comes with a built-in report designer that allows you to modify and build reports, charts and graphs that can be displayed as images in SaaSphalt, or as a PDF document, or sent as an email attachment. This means you can create an unlimited array of proposal templates for different customer types and all printed forms can match your existing literature.

Custom Fields & Tables

These aren't your ho-hum 'custom fields' that you see in traditional programs! These are true database fields that you create and use everywhere in SaaSphalt, just like the pre-built fields. Field types can be text, date, numbers, currencies or file attachments. SaaSphalt also allows you to create database tables and dropdown lists fields.

Custom Screens

All screens in SaaSphalt are designed using a drag and drop screen designer - there's no scripting or coding involved! You just simply drag a field or object onto your screen and edit its properties, such as its caption or color. And since all pre-built screens are open for you to redesign, you can copy and modify existing screens instead of starting from scratch.

Custom Buttons and Actions

Behind every button is a list of actions that run when it is clicked. These actions are setup using a wizard, and can do some pretty amazing things, like saving a customer, charging a credit card, sending an email, or looping through a list of invoices. Actions are the engine that makes SaaSphalt run, and replace the need for expensive and complex coding or scripting.

Create Portals

Give limited access to customers, partners and vendors. For example, you might want to allow customers to see service schedules, and subcontractors to see their upcoming work - giving them 24/7 access to real-time information, without having to contact you.


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